Section 8 Rentals Shreveport/Bossier Region

We do accept section 8 and other government subsidies for most of the rentals that we manage. However, there are several points of information that we want to ensure that you are aware of before moving toward renting one of our properties as a section 8 tenant:

  • Our policies remain the same whether you are a section 8 tenant or not, if delays are caused as a result of the government’s process it is up to you as the tenant to accommodate their shortcomings.
  • We cannot hold any properties without a paid deposit, and generally the longest we can hold a property is 14 days without special owner approval.
  • If section 8 inspection and approval process takes longer than the agreed holding period you will be responsible for a daily holding fee (equal to daily rent amount) until their process is complete.
  • If you cannot qualify for the home without the subsidy you will not be allowed to sign the lease and move into the home until after section 8 approval has been received in writing.
  • As the section 8 participant you will be responsible for following up with the housing authority staff to ensure everything is going on schedule. We will submit all requested paperwork and repairs in a timely manner (one business day or less), but we will not follow up to ensure they’re doing their job.
  • All owners who are willing to accept section 8 will have agreed to a predetermined dollar amount for section 8 requested repairs.  If the requested repairs exceed the dollar amount you may be required to pre-pay for any excess to have the repairs done to achieve section 8 approval.  You can request the preapproved amount, and it will be provided to you in writing on all deposit agreement forms.
  • Generally the preapproved amount is more than sufficient to cover any requested repairs, but we like to deliver as much information as possible to ensure everyone is fully “on the same page”.